Dear Friends

The inevitable has occurred. I have gone a month without writing a post. I knew this would happen. To be honest, this time gap is not due to simply laziness or neglect. I have really been struggling over what to write.

The thing is, I want to avoid making this blog about my day to day experiences, such as what I saw, or observations I have made in Amman. I want to avoid doing the typical tourist thing because I don’t think good will come from posts such as “I visited the cutest little shop that sold these awesome Arab things,” or “I saw this cute couple, and the woman was wearing that head covering thing.”

Ok, so these examples seem a little over the top, but this is the essence of what I am trying to avoid.

I believe, instead, that you and I both can learn much more through our encounters with other people. If those encounters take place in a cute little shop, then so be it. But Amman, and any place for that matter, is more than the physical structures that the city is composed of. It is the people here that, to me, make up the city, and it is the interactions with those people that have brought me to Amman to begin with. It is the people that I can learn the most from.

The problem is how to write about encounters in a manner that is respectful to the other party. While I believe we both can learn from these encounters, I’m concerned that such analysis of our shared encounter will be insulting to the other person.

Perhaps, an encounter is something that is not meant to be discussed or analyzed with others. Would such an analysis be establishing myself as superior over the “other”. It isn’t just Jordanians, but also the other students in my program. With facebook being the cement of the world binding everyone together, I can be sure that whomever I write about will most likely read what I have written. I am not sure if this is good or bad. Am I thinking too much into this?

Well, this is what I have been pondering over the last several weeks. The decision I have reached is that I must be willing to compromise. We learned a term here the first week that means doing something that you may not want to do for the sake of a relationship. In this case, I am going to refrain from sharing some of my most frustrating or saddening moments because while I believe I would benefit from the post, it is likely to hurt my relationships here.

In future situations, I plan on asking the other person if they mind me writing about it in my blog.


One response to “Dear Friends

  1. This is a big part of why my blog has been neglected. I realized right away that if I wanted to really have a blog, I’d need it to be anonymous. I didn’t want to do that, and opted for a blog that I don’t find fulfilling in the same way. I actually ended up making a 2nd, private blog, where I write about the frustrating, saddening, private, emotional, romantic, embarrassing, etc. moments, that is just for me. I’ve been writing in it for half the time, and have written more posts in it than the public one. It’s hard to know where to draw that line between what we share, for analysis, and what we keep private, for our own or others’ protection.

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