Catch a Glimpse- moments of my trip in Pictures

Here are a few pictures from my trip so far! I hope you enjoy!

My room

My room in our first apartment! I spent a lot of time printing out my favorite quotes and putting them on the wall. It made the room very home-y. Of course, we had to move from this apartment. I still need to take pictures of my new room...



Wadi Rum

In Petra my friend Megan and I decided to take a donkey up to one of the ruins that we wouldn't have had time to walk to. For 5 JD we both got to ride a donkey. It was a bit spooky. These donkeys aren't very big and they were carrying us up the side of a mountain. Both were quite the experience as I had never ridden either a donkey or a camel before.

What fun would a trip to the desert be without riding some interesting animals? We rode camels in Wadi Rum. I have decided they are the best animal to ride. They are super sweet. The guy guiding us let me take the reins and run with mine for a while. His name, by the way, was Gizella. It is also very strange being so high up in the air.

One of the shops in Petra. I can't help but think of Edward Said when I see all these ridiculous little shops and the idea of the Orient presenting itself as the occident has described it. In normal words, these little shops present the type of Arab artifacts the tourists would like to see, and not legitimate Arab items. At the end I was in a shop talking to some male shop owners. I asked them which of the items in their shop were actually made in Jordan. They pointed to the Dead Sea products and one thing of pottery. The rest they confessed were imported from India.

Most of the ruins in Petra were occupied by Bedouins for years until the Jordanian government decided that they were destroying the history and kicked them out. Now, many return to the ruins during the day to sell small items to the thousands of tourists who pass through.

Wadi Rum is a beautiful natural park where we went to camp. It is a desert. All you can see is sand everywhere and then there are these giant rock formations coming out of the perfectly flat sand floor. These rocks were so much fun to climb on

We went camping at a highly tourized bedouin camping site. When anyone buys a scarf they tie it on your head in the traditional style. But of course, traditionally women would not wear a scarf this way.

At one point we were on a jeep tour where we were riding in the back of these jeeps around Wadi Rum and we got to a place where there was a huge sand hill leading up to the rocks. The sand was very steep! Our guide suggested we go barefoot. Walking uphill in very soft sand is one of the most exhausting experiences! I had to stop several times until I got to the top. Then, of course, we had to climb the rocks. I am proud to have been the only girl to make it to the top of the sand and climb up the rocks.... and I did it all barefoot!


This is the view of the Roman Amphitheater in town from the Roman Citadel. I love the feeling of being in a place with so much history. It is crazy to be in a part of town and then all the sudden there are Roman ruins! It reminds me of the Old City in Tripoli, Libya.

I find it interesting to look at the way they spell the American names in Arabic. I did eat here once and it was just as disgusting as it is in the states.


2 responses to “Catch a Glimpse- moments of my trip in Pictures

  1. Sara, Could you bring me home a couple of head pieces that the men wear in Jordan? Are they expensive? Do he ladies just wear a regular square scarf? I will pay you for anything you bring. However, you’ve never been paid for the Minnie Mouse blouse, have you? Gramma

  2. Sara,

    Keep the posts coming. I like seeing the pictures.


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