Yes, I’m here. Nablus, Palestine. Though, in the last few weeks the world has been pulled out from under me, I am learning to find my feet and make my way. During the last week, I have been hurt in a way that I have never been hurt before. So cruelly, I have been emotionally and mentally destroyed. I have felt, for the past week that I am a robot and have forced myself to participate in daily actions without being mentally present.

My initial promise with this blog was that I would be as honest as I know how to be. At this point, I am certain any blog post I could write would lack honesty. I am still processing what has taken place and am not sure that I am capable of being honest with myself, and accepting all that wasn’t, shouldn’t have been, but is. While I could recount the events that have taken place, these events, void of the emotions and personal events that took place at the same time, would lack completeness. And, as was apparently not clear in my last relationship, intentional omission is an absolute form of dishonesty.


Inshallah, teaching, learning, and living here will help me remember who I am, and then comprehend what has happened in a way that is honest to share.


Masalama, Hayati



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