Math Problem Gone Awry

 Being home is surreal. I have been going to an internship with an attorney in Denver, an experience that has reassured my conviction in my long set career path. I really enjoy the work I have been doing and could see myself doing this for a long time. At the same time I have been taking 2 art classes at a community college which have made me rethink my life trajectory. Here I am almost $100,000 in debt from school. After a few years of law school, that will be doubled. Sure, I will be set to embark on a successful career in a profession that I have no doubts I will be good at, but I am starting in a hole deeper than my parents and grandparents ever imagined at my age. I’ve rarely seen my bank account over $1,000, and now I owe 100 times that. It’s like a high school math problem gone wrong. I remember my algebra teacher teaching us that once you had come to an answer you had to look at it logically within the context of the problem to make sure it was correct. How many dollars will Sara owe at the end of her time in college? “Teacher, this doesn’t seem right. I think I have added too many zeros.” Nope, you did it correctly.  Now finish the problem. Convert that into months income, add interest…… AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Meanwhile, my dirt cheap art courses have shown me that I am actually pretty good at art. I have picked up drawing really quickly. I keep wishing each class I was on a stage instead of in a studio, but never long to be in a politics or law course. Would it have been such a bad plan to go to community college for an arts major, then spend my life with a low paying job and little debt… looking out of my hole right now, I’m finding that path doesn’t look as useless and ridiculous as it once did.


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